Health Is Wealth: 22 Healthy Lifestyles

Do you know the best proverb for health? If you do not know, here is the proverb for you. It is nothing but “Health is Wealth”. This proverb is not a simple one, but it has more meaning in it. For a person, it is not vital to have more wealth, and health is their wealth. A person with more money and living a luxurious life is not healthy. In other words, a person who does not live with any health issues in his life is only the wealthy person in this world. 

 According to the above-given proverb, more foundations are available in this modern world and more health camps for poor people. Among them, the satyashaktifoundation is one of the popular foundations where people can get the best health care guidance. This organization works for the welfare of the people’s health by providing them with better sanitation, health, education assistance and some other facilities that can make them live without any disease and health problems. 

 Which are the adequate foundation and their aim?

 As you know that more human welfare organizations are surviving in this modern world, you can prefer the trusted one. Poor people always hire the SATYA Shakti Foundation, a non-profit organization under the company’s act of 2013. This foundation is an NPO under the flagship of SATYA Micro Capital Ltd with the central themes that work for the people and their health. It has its headquarters in New Delhi, and this agency aims for the betterment of poor people for their well-being living using a holistic approach. 

 The main aim of this institution is to work towards the empowerment and effective development of a harmonious society to provide sanitation, health, education assistance and other facilities for all the people who need them. They also are trying to create employment opportunities, promote social well-being, and raise awareness of public health and education among more people throughout the year. 

 What do the experts provide you and make you happy?

 You have to search for it when you are suffering without any health care guidance from doctors and other experts. More people are involved in the foundation and have worked in it for a long time. They mainly work for the betterment of the people, provide them regular checkups for free, and help them get rid of their health issues. Health is one of the most significant assets for poor people, and their lives depend on it. 

 When the poor get ill or injured, they spend a lot of money on it. You can choose the satyashaktifoundation, which conducts many programs to create health and hygiene awareness among poor people. This SATYA Shakti foundation helps bridge rural communities and primary health care by providing better access and awareness to help people improve their health behaviour. 

 How are the team members useful for the people?

 The teams in this SATYA Shakti foundation help poor people improve their health. They also offer them the best camps for examining their health-related problems, provide them with better guidance, and teach them how to be healthy and hygienic. All the team members are knowledgeable and experienced in providing more valuable things for the people. It makes people live healthy lives, creating awareness about how to live and stay healthy for a long time. The experts also conduct more programs that will be useful for the people below the poverty line to make use of it and get better health assistance. 

 Available programs the professionals offer:

 The experienced professionals in this Satya Shakti foundation offer you effective programs for better health. The experts are there, where they can provide you with the best effective programs for the betterment of your life to live healthily. Some include the SATYA Shakti e-clinic, SATYA Sakhi vending machine, COVID-19 care kits distribution drive, SATYA Dawai Sewa, and digital OPD services. You can see them one by one in the below topics in detail. 


SATYA Shakti e-clinic:

 SATYA Shakti foundation has launched this e-clinic for the people to provide them with affordable healthcare consultation services. It is mainly for people living in rural areas, and the main objective of this e-clinic is to offer free-of-cost telemedicine consultation to rural people in their regional languages. Poor primary medical care in remote areas is the best concern in recent years, and it is available in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. 


SATYA Shakti vending machine:

 As per the national family health survey of 2015-16, there are millions of menstruating women in India. Only a few million people use sanitary pads or napkins during their menstrual cycle. The program that the experts conduct can be helpful for people to know about the harms of using clothes instead of pads at the time of their menopause. Addressing all such concerns of the women, the sanitary napkin vending machine can be helpful for them.

 To provide more strength to the women in the rural areas, this fantastic SATYA Shakti foundation has designed and implemented a menstrual hygiene management program for the women. They also have installed the SATYA Shakti vending machines in every e-clinic for the welfare of the people, along with educational initiatives to spread more awareness among the people.

 COVID-19 care kits distribution drive:

 Due to this pandemic, higher officials offer kits for the people like hand sanitisers, hand wash, face masks and hand gloves. More than 500 villages benefit from these kits that the foundation provides them. They also offer free medicine under the SATYA Dawai Sewa campaign. And there are also some covid 19 vaccine awareness programs available for them which are more beneficial for them.

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