SATYA Shakti Foundation

SATYA Shakti Foundation is an NPO under the flagship of SATYA MicroCapital Ltd. with the central theme of philanthropy and human welfare. SATYA Shakti Foundation is working closely with marginalized communities in the areas of most pressing issues, i.e, sanitation, health, education, and empowerment, in a holistic way to ensure bringing about the desired change in society.

Best NPO In Delhi NCR India - SATYA Shakti Foundation

SATYA Shakti Foundation, the best NPO in Delhi, is commonly believed by the general public to be a group of individuals or groups involved in eradicating poverty and providing aid to those in need. NPOs in Delhi have become significant players during the past 20 years at the local and national levels to grow society and eradicate poverty. By providing basic services, NPOs have evolved to look for different ways to address development issues. Some of them have also started to advocate for legislative changes. NPOs have significantly influenced individuals, society, the nation, and the world by providing services, advocating for causes, and collaborating with several other groups. An NPO, however, is not a cure-all. An NPO has both beneficial and negative effects, just like a piece of corn.
According to the Companies Act of 2013, Section 8 Company defines SATYA Shakti Foundation as a non-profit organization (NPO). SATYA Shakti Foundation was established in 2020 and is an NPO operating under the banner of “SATYA MicroCapital Ltd.” Its primary goals are philanthropy and the welfare of people. The New Delhi-based SATYA Shakti Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life for marginalized people by facilitating their social well-being through a sustainable and all-encompassing approach.
Being India’s top NPO in Delhi NCR, we strive for the nation’s and its citizens’ overall growth. By making a donation, you can support our focus areas such as child development, women’s empowerment, skill development, poverty alleviation, education for the underprivileged and street kids, health programs, senior citizen’s care, donating for livelihood, etc. As stated in Article 21 (Right to Life and Personal Liberty) of the Indian Constitution, SATYA Shakti holds that every single person has the right to a deserving, fulfilling, and dignified life. At  SATYA Shakti Foundation, we assist everyone who needs it with access to facilities for sanitation, health, education, and other necessities to work toward the empowerment and long-term development of a peaceful society.
We invite everyone to join us in our mission to change the world. We being among the best and top 10 NPO in Delhi, NCR, India are committed to accomplish our mission. No matter how little you can give will enable us to support disadvantaged individuals in the society and give them a better future. You can take part in a number of our social causes and activities. In India’s Delhi NCR, you can donate for the education of underprivileged children. Additionally, we urge you to support old age homes, poor children, and children living in slums. Our organization also supports patients with rare disease. We ask you to give to and support these kinds of causes because every amount counts toward having a bigger impact.
Social Justice
Let us change society for the better together. To donate and support our cause, go to our website ( Link ). Join us in our effort to improve the lives of all people in our country.

SATYA Shakti Foundation

SATYA Shakti Foundation is a Non- Profit Organization (NPO) as defined in Section 8 Company under Companies Act, 2013. With its foundation being laid on 2020, SATYA Shakti Foundation is an NPO under the flagship of “SATYA MicroCapital Ltd With central theme of philanthropy and human welfare. With it’s headquarter based in New Delhi, SATYA Shakti Foundation aims towards elevating the life state of marginalized people by enabling their social wellbeing via sustainable and holistic approach.

Vision, Mission & Motto


To work towards the empowerment & sustainable development of a harmonious society by providing Sanitation, Health, Education assistance, & other facilities to all those in need.


Create employment opportunities, promote social well – being, raise awareness on Public Health & Education among 1 million households by the year 2025.


Well Being and health for all.

Vision, Mission &



To work towards the empowerment & sustainable development of a harmonious society by providing Sanitation, Health, Education assistance, along with other facilities to all those in need.



Create employment opportunities, promote social well – being, raise awareness on Public Health & Education among 1 million households by the year 2025.



Well Being and Health for All.
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Our Flagship Programmes

SATYA Shakti e-Clinics

Through our network of e-Clinics, we connect specialists from major cities with patients in rural areas.

SATYA Shakti Vending Machine

Providing easy access to Sanitary Napkins by installation Vending Machines in e-Clinics.

Digital OPD (Doctor-On-Call Services)

Digital OPD is a free-of-cost telephonic medical consultation service facilitated by SATYA Shakti Foundation.

Fight Against Covid-19

During the life-threatening second wave of COVID-19, SATYA Shakti Foundation always stood on the forefront as a protective armor for the wellbeing of community.

Latest In Foundation

3rd Foundation Day Celebration

SATYA Shakti Foundation celebrated it’s 3rd Foundation Day with incessant support from SATYA MICROCAPITAL LTD. This is a joyous moment to reminisce, reflect and cherish the achievements accomplished during these years. With immense and collective efforts of all our well-wishers a total of 200 cataract surgeries were completed wherein the neediest people from the community were served. SATYA Shakti Foundation team volunteered for these surgeries during the 5 operational days by actively participating in this drive. It was an immense pleasure to help and counsel the grey haired patients from various parts of NCR and neighboring states who were feeling lonely. Therefore, the team members volunteered to make calls to the families of these grey haired guests to make them feel comfortable, like being at home and relax at best. The SATYA team was graced by the presence of Mr. Vivek Tiwari, MD of the Company and our Director & CEO Ms. Shikha Sharma. All the respective heads of all the Departments of SATYA MicroCapital Ltd also participated in this event. Mr. Vivek Tiwari met the patients personally and showered his care & affection by counselling them. We are delighted for having been able to support the needy patients who required their vision and sight to be restored.SATYA Shakti Foundation is thankful to each and every one who participated and contributed especially, to Mr. Vivek Tiwari for supporting the Foundation team for such a noble cause.
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2nd Foundation Day Celebration

We celebrated this day with the elderly abandoned citizens at SHEOWS Organization, Badarpur, New Delhi. They serve every destitute, orphan, needy and abandoned elderly with a strong belief of helping old aged people and spreading awareness of elders care would not only give them a new life but also reduce the cases of elder abuse in society. They believe in the notion of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” meaning the whole world is our family which inspires us to serve every needy old aged as our own family member.
All elderly people were endured with a token of love and care in the form of a gratitude kit which entailed shawls, sweets, fruits, and dry rations along with Diapers, etc. for residing senior citizens. Also, a medical syringe pump was also donated for the special needs. All the elderly love spending time and talking to someone to share their feelings at the most. We feel very much connected to staying in touch with them.
The event was graced with the benign presence of Mr. Vivek Tiwari, MD, SATYA MicroCapital Ltd and Ms. Shikha Sharma, Director & CEO, SATYA Shakti Foundation and team along with Ms. Aparna Dass, Executive Board Member, SHEOWS Organization.
Foundation Day - October 2022 (18)

Mega Health Check-Up Drive

SATYA Shakti Foundation has taken a major initiative of organizing Mega Health Check-up Drive with an aim to create awareness of general health among the people, provide general healthcare services and counseling them on basic healthcare and hygiene. More than 100+ Health camps have been organized across the villages in Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, West Bengal, Haryana and Punjab. Over 20000+ people availed free health facilities entailing consultation from MBBS doctors for issues ranging from mother and childcare to diet and nutrition, availing generic medicines.


SATYA Shakti Foundation is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking milestone in our journey towards empowering the youth and fostering development. We are delighted to share that we have recently signed our first-ever Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the esteemed Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation at Industry Connect 2023.This momentous collaboration will serve as a catalyst for our Foundation to intensify our efforts towards youth empowerment and development with unwavering dedication and diligence. By joining forces with the Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation, we aim to amplify our impact and create transformative opportunities for the talented youth of Rajasthan. At SATYA Shakti Foundation, we firmly believe in the immense potential of our youth and their ability to shape the future. Through this partnership, we will pool our resources, expertise, and networks to provide comprehensive skill development programs, vocational training, and livelihood opportunities to empower the youth and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our stakeholders, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in our journey thus far. Your unwavering belief in our mission has helped us reach this significant milestone. We look forward to embarking on this exciting collaboration and making a lasting impact on the lives of countless young individuals in Rajasthan.
Anju Devi
Mrs. Anju Devi
Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh

“Holding Hands In My Crucial Time”

Mrs. Anju Devi is a 30-year-old lady, living with her husband and three children. She belongs to a poor joint family whose economic condition is not good. Her family income is solely dependent on rain-fed-agriculture. As there is no other support for sustainability in her life, she decided to take care of all the responsibilities of her children.
Due to less income, she was not able to fulfill the basic requirements of her family. As a result, she started working bare foot in agricultural fields. Which resulted in severe skin infection which gradually increased in past 5 years. She was unable to get relief after getting consultation form the local quacks.
In the year 2022, SATYA Shakti Foundation reached her village Pali Anandghari in Bulandshahr district to establish an e-Clinic under healthcare initiative which helped the people living in the village by providing consultancy from specialist doctors and free medicines as per the recommendation of the doctor.
When she got to know about SATYA Shakti e-Clinic, she visited the e-Clinic and consulted the doctor and shared her problem without any hesitation and the doctor suggested her few medicines and ointment. After taking the medicines she was cured, also the money which was flowing into the treatment was utilized in her livelihood generating activities.
She is thankful to SATYA Shakti Foundation for their support in such a crucial time of her life. The project has helped her a lot in fighting back from her skin infection.
Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh

I am getting better gradually, thanks to SATYA Shakti Foundation doctor who cured me

When elbow pain worsened, 26-year-old Krishan had to discontinue his work in the nearby fields as a daily wage earner. Krishan was bound to stay at home, causing his wife to work in the fields to fulfil the basic household needs.
Due to the lack of access to medical facilities in the Jawasa village, the villagers had to travel about 17 km to reach the nearest Community Health Centre (CHC) in the Bulandshahr district for health problems. People like Krishan avoided it because they could not afford to lose a day’s wage.
Krishan’s problems were identified by a doctor from our SATYA Shakti e-Clinic. Under his prescription, effective tablets and ointments were provided to him, and after 15 days Krishan’s health started improving. Krishan has now started his work in the fields. He continues to take his medicines for elbow pain and spread awareness about SATYA Shakti e-Clinic health care facilities to other villagers.
Lara Madrigal
Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh

“I am very happy with the e-Clinic services of SATYA Shakti Foundation”

Rampali was suffering from chest pain and gastric problem at regular intervals and even she did not know who to turn to, she regularly went to the local quacks, but they could not provide any relief.
Rampali works as a daily wage labourer, and she could not afford to go to a doctor and moreover she did not want to go to the doctor due to losing a day’s wage. These kinds of health problems have been a common problem in the Bhainsroli village because of unhygienic lifestyles and constant neglect of minor health problems.
When SATYA Shakti Foundation e-Clinic was started in this village, it gave relief to the Rampali as well as other people of the Bhainsroli. Many people have benefited from this e-Clinic which was started in October 2021. Various sensitization programs are organized regularly to spread awareness about health-related issues.
Rampali and CHF (Community health facilitator) conduct door-to-door visits to create awareness about the benefits of seeking a qualified doctor’s advice in case of illness.
Anju Devi
Lara Madrigal
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