About Us

SATYA Shakti Foundation

SATYA Shakti Foundation is a Non- Profit Organization (NPO) as defined in Section 8 Company under Companies Act, 2013. With its foundation being laid in 2020, SATYA Shakti Foundation is a NPO under the flagship of “SATYA MicroCapital Ltd." with central theme of philanthropy and human welfare. With it’s headquarter based in New Delhi, SATYA Shakti Foundation aims towards elevating the life state of marginalized people by enabling their social wellbeing via sustainable and holistic approach.


To work towards the empowerment & sustainable development of a harmonious society by providing Sanitation, Health, Education assistance, & other facilities to all those in need.


Create employment opportunities, promote social well – being, raise awareness on Public Health & Education among 1 million households by the year 2025.



To perform our duties in a sustainable manner thereby developing a consistent balance between the environment, society, and economy.


Practicing kindness will immensely help people around us feel more fulfilled, boost self-esteem, improve self-evaluations.


Being honest with our own selves and others in the community, we inculcate trust and confidence amongst each other.


We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

We at SATYA Shakti Foundation

“SATYA Shakti Foundation is integrally focused on human welfare and is championing its objective by undertaking multifarious projects specifically by facilitating entrepreneurial opportunities, promoting social well-being, as well as raising awareness on matters of public health and education. The mission of this non profitable company incorporates enhancing life state of 1 million households by the year 2025 by means of its sundry philanthropic projects. We feel beyond delighted to share that we are diligently moving ahead towards accomplishment of our mission. The sort of response, recognition and co-operation SATYA Shakti Foundation is receiving from people is worth all the bestowed hardwork and efforts. This in return has augmented our trust in our operational workflow and has undoubtedly boosted our confidence for our modus operandi.”

Our Board

Harsh Srivastava

Independent Director

Praachi Tewari Gandhi

Independent Director

Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari


Shikha Sharma

Director & CEO

Vivek Tiwari

Promoter Director

Our Team

At SATYA Shakti Foundation, Our Team is Our Strength

Pradip Bastia

Sr. Program Manager

Ramesh KD

Program Manager

Amrita Singh

Program Officer

Munmun Ojha

Program Officer

Hari Darshan Mishra

Project Coordinator

Om Shakti

Executive – Account

Vishnu K Ram

Project Coordinator