“For poor people, health is also a crucially important economic asset. Their livelihoods depend on it. When poor people become ill or injured, the entire household can become trapped in a downward spiral of lost income and high health-care costs”. – World Health Organization
Our goal is to achieve universal and equitable access to health. SATYA Shakti Foundation bridges the gap between rural communities and primary health care by providing access and awareness to help people improve their health behaviors. Our healthcare initiatives aim to improve accessibility, availability and affordability of essential healthcare services. We build healthy communities to reduce the impact of illness on wellbeing, earning capacity and overall prosperity.

Major Programs Under “Health” Initiatives :

1- SATYA Shakti e-Clinic

SATYA Shakti Foundation in association with M-Insure has launched SATYA Shakti e-Clinic for providing affordable healthcare consultation services to people in rural areas. The objective of this initiative is to provide tele medicine consultation to rural people in their regional languages. Poor basic medical care in remote areas has been of great concern in recent years. A number of SATYA Shakti e-Clinics are operational and catering to the underserved populations in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and  Himachal Pradesh.

2- SATYA Shakti Vending Machine

According to the National Family Health Survey of 2015-2016, there are around 336 million Menstruating women in India. Among them only 121 million use a sanitary pad or sanitary napkin during their periods; that is barely 36% of the menstruating female population. There can be many reasons that just 36% of women make use of sanitary pads, but the prime reason is that they don’t have access to the feminine/ sanitary pads.
Addressing all such concerns of women, the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine can be of great benefit to women. With an aim to strengthen women’s health in rural areas, SATYA Shakti foundation designed and implemented the Menstrual Hygiene Management program under which “SATYA Sakhi vending Machines” are installed in every e-clinics along with educational initiatives to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and break many myths and stigmas attached with it.

3- Covid-19 Care Kits Distribution Drive

To curb the transmission of COVID-19 within SATYA SHAKTI’s ecosystem, a distribution drive of COVID-19 Care Kits was started in May 2021. The Kit included Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash, Face Masks, Hand Gloves. The kits have reached to a total of 200 operational branches of SATYA in 21 states benefiting more than 5000 villages and 100000 individuals. All the elements of the COVID-19 Care Distribution Drive – Kits, Homeopathic have helped people to win over the detrimental effects of the virus enormously.

SATYA Dawai Sewa

SATYA Shakti Foundation, launched SATYA Dawai Sewa – a free of cost medicine distribution campaign on 25th May 2021. Under this campaign, in accordance with advice of certified Doctors , SATYA Shakti Foundation has effectively reached more than 1 lac people and has delivered COVID-19 preventive medical kits.

Awareness Program for Covid-19 Vaccine

SATYA Shakti Foundation organized consistent vaccination awareness campaigns in 5000 villages and encouraged people towards getting the vaccine and eradicating fear, myths, misconceptions related to the same.

4-Digital OPD (Doctor-On-Call Service)

Is a free-of-cost telephonic medical consultation service by SATYA Shakti Foundation. It is an absolute technology-based distribution of health consultation, services & information. This service enabled the distant patients to connect with a certified Doctor through telecommunication technology and acquire medical advice. From the day of its commencement to present day, more than 25 lac people have accessed hassle free tele-consultation from expert doctors about any ongoing symptoms or gained COVID-19 awareness and any other medical related advice.