Skill Development Initiative By SSF: A Ray of Hope


India has one of the world’s largest skill development programs. It launched the Skill India program in 2015, which seeks to increase the availability of skilled workers in India by providing training and resources for youth who are looking to develop new skills. The program focuses on skills in areas such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. It also has a network of organizations that provide mentorship, career advice, and job placements. The government, private sector, and NGOs all participate in the program, ensuring that it is successful in achieving its goals. The Indian government has made skill development a central focus for the country’s socio-economic development, economic growth, and taking advantage of India’s demographics to increase opportunities for development. This initiative is also expected to help India provide the global economy with qualified personnel and aid in the reduction of poverty and inequality.

Training Objective

Our mission is to equip young people with the practical skills, experience, and credentials they need to secure great jobs and increase their earnings, allowing them to support their families. The objective is to recognize the tremendous potential of rural India, yet thousands of youth continue to seek better educational and employment opportunities in urban areas. Due to inadequate infrastructure and a lack of educational facilities and financial support, much of this rural talent is going to waste – forcing young people to settle for low-paying agricultural jobs. To address this issue, SSF aims to develop training institutes in rural areas to give youth diverse skilling opportunities, giving them access to pathways they may have previously been unaware of. With courses covering sectors such as banking & finance.

SSF Intervention

  • Skill need assessment– To ensure our trainees can find jobs in local and regional businesses, we conduct an industry skills need assessment to identify the areas of skilling most in demand in the region. This helps us develop our curriculum in line with changing industry needs, ensuring our trainees have the relevant skills to enter the job market.
  • Mobilization of youth– To better inform youth and their parents about the various courses and career opportunities, we plan to meetings in villages across the region. During these meetings, we share information on the potential of upskilling, as well as the job prospects available to graduates of our courses.
  • Trade/Soft Skills Training & Curriculum Development-We keep our curriculum up-to-date to ensure it meets current industry standards, giving our trainees the best chance of success in their chosen field.
  • On the job training– To prepare trainees for the workplace, we arrange for on-the-job training and simulated workplace experiences. This allows our students to gain insight into the realities of their chosen profession, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
  • Counselling and career guidance–  We offer counselling and career guidance to help young people make informed decisions that will help them secure a prosperous future, based on their individual needs and aspirations. Our goal is to ensure they have the necessary resources to build a successful career and shape a better future.

Placement support

Securing employment for rural youth can be a difficult task. Rural youth often lack the necessary qualifications and resources to find suitable jobs, while companies are requiring more specialized skills and higher entry requirements. To ensure that youth have the right skills, SSF provides skill training and facilitates the placement of graduates into their first job via partnerships with businesses and industries. We then ensure that once placed, youth receive the guidance, counselling, and support they need to sustain their job and progress in their career.

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