We think that education is the most potent weapon for changing the world and the most effective means of breaking free from the cycle of poverty. Despite this, millions of youngsters in India are not attending school. Six million students were absent from school prior to the COVID-19 crisis. School closures hindered schooling when the epidemic struck. These youngsters are not only denied their right to a proper education, but they also lose their childhood by being forced into child labour and early marriages.

Non-governmental organizations operate on the ground to provide poor children with access to quality education. India is a big country with a wide demographic and geographic split, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role in bringing people together. Education-related non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India, such as Satyashakti Foundation, play an important role in supporting the most impoverished children in gaining access to their right to an education through innovative concepts. such as developing student groups and a child-tracking system, establishing neighbourhood classes so that children may continue their education while schools are closed, hosting awareness workshops with parents to guarantee that they take their children to school, and forming committees to ensure that they.

What are the NEP 2020 views on inclusive education?

The National Education Policy 2020 envisions an inclusive and systemic transformation in the educational system. It focuses on ‘Equitable and Inclusive Education,’ which echoes the notion that no kid should be denied educational opportunities regardless of their background or socio-cultural characteristics.

The Influence of Non-Governmental Organizations on education

Delhi based NGO exist to balance the see-saw in times of crisis whenever there is a severe imbalance. NGOs such as Satyashakti foundation India play an important role in ensuring that every child, particularly those from vulnerable areas, has the opportunity to build a brighter future through education. satyashakti foundation  Save the Children works to strengthen the education system, basically, in Delhi, NCR  raises awareness about the value of education, and enrolls as many children as possible so that they can succeed in life.


 Inclusive Education focuses on equalising opportunities for people with disabilities. Proclaiming participation and equality for everyone. The term “Special Requirements Education” (SNE) has replaced the phrase “Special Education,” which was primarily believed to apply to the education of all children and teenagers whose needs result from disabilities or learning challenges. Furthermore, the notion of “Special Needs Education” extends beyond individuals who may be classified as disabled to people who are failing school for a number of other reasons.

Satyashakti foundations have frequently emerged in areas where governments have failed to meet certain demands, such as (a) the opportunity for innovation, (b) specialization, and (c) responsiveness. In the field of education, we organise educational programs for a variety of populations, including females, street children, refugees, and children with impairments. Our non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been advocating and proper training for disabled children for numerous years because they receive almost no priority in our nation.

Our initiatives and interventions aim to enhance the lives of impoverished children by providing them with access to excellent education, healthcare, and nutrition, as well as keeping them safe. We also seek to prepare children and communities to be resilient in the face of disasters. Whenever a tragedy strikes, we are among the first to respond and mobilise life-saving humanitarian help for children and their communities.



The Satya Shakti Foundation works to identify the most disadvantaged children in the Delhi NCR. Children miss school due to a lack of resources, poverty, and humanitarian disasters. We support them in enrolling children in school under the Right to Education Act (RTE), and we ensure that children who have dropped out of school.

Counseling and Education

We raise awareness about the value of schooling among families and communities through workshops and other initiatives. Satya Shakti Foundation also holds frequent counseling sessions to urge parents to send their children to school, particularly girls, and to assist them in participating in different activities.

Workshops for Skill Development

Learning activities, athletics, and school committees help students develop their personalities and leadership skills. We conduct a variety of activities in schools to help students learn their rights, develop skills, and gain confidence.

Good Education

Other factors have a significant influence on receiving a decent education. We assist with the effective deployment of the Right to Education Act in schools throughout Delhi NCR, train teachers, enhance school facilities, and provide textbooks and other educational materials to needy students and schools.

Classes in Mohalla

Because the COVID-19 epidemic prevented students without access to online education from continuing their education, Satya Shakti Foundation established several Mohalla (neighborhood) Classes to ensure that students may continue to learn. We can improve the lives of even more children and equip them with a superb education with the support of community organizers and volunteers who will assist in the setup and teaching of youngsters.


A lack of education prevents a person from realizing their greatest potential. Children of people who cannot afford an education lose out on chances to grow as individuals and are prevented from securing respectable careers. Inadequate jobs and education can lead to social instability and criminality, impeding the country’s growth.

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