Success Stories 2

I am getting better gradually, thanks to the SATYA Shakti Foundation doctor who cured me

When elbow pain worsened, 26-year-old Krishan had to discontinue his work in the nearby fields as a daily wage earner. Krishan was bound to stay at home, causing his wife to work in the fields to fulfil the basic household needs.
Due to the lack of access to medical facilities in the Jawasa village, the villagers had to travel about 17 km to reach the nearest Community Health Centre (CHC) in the Bulandshahr district for health problems. People like Krishan avoided it because they could not afford to lose a day’s wage.
Krishan’s problems were identified by a doctor from our SATYA Shakti e-clinic. Under his prescription, effective tablets and ointments were provided to him, and after 15 days Krishan’s health started improving. Krishan has now started his work in the fields. He continues to take his medicines for elbow pain and spread awareness about SATYA Shakti e-Clinic health care facilities to other villagers.

– Jawasa Bulandshahr Uttar pradesh

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