Mrs. Anju Devi

“Holding Hands In My Crucial Time”

Mrs. Anju Devi is a 30-year-old lady, living with her husband and three children. She belongs to a poor joint family whose economic condition is not good. Her family income is solely dependent on rain-fed-agriculture. As there is no other support for sustainability in her life, she decided to take care of all the responsibilities of her children.
Due to less income, she was not able to fulfill the basic requirements of her family. As a result, she started working bare foot in agricultural fields. Which resulted in severe skin infection which gradually increased in past 5 years. She was unable to get relief after getting consultation form the local quacks.
In the year 2022, SATYA Shakti Foundation reached her village Pali Anandghari in Bulandshahr district to establish an e-clinic under healthcare initiative which helped the people living in the village by providing consultancy from specialist doctors and free medicines as per the recommendation of the doctor.
When she got to know about the SATYA Shakti e-clinic, she visited the e-clinic and consulted the doctor and shared her problem without any hesitation and the doctor suggested her few a medicines and ointment. After taking the medicines she was cured, also the money which was flowing into the treatment was utilized in her livelihood generating activity.
She is thankful to the SATYA Shakti Foundation for their support in such a crucial time of her life. The project has helped her a lot in fighting back from her skin infection.

Mrs. Anju Devi, Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh

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