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13 Feb

The Impact of Telemedicine on Rural Health

“ The provision of healthcare services by all healthcare professionals utilizing information and communication technologies for the interchange of accurate data for diagnosis, treatment, and other purposes, where distance is a crucial component and prevention of disease and injuries, research, and evaluation, and for the continuing education of healthcare providers, all in the interests of […]


27 Jan

Technology for Social Impact: Innovations in the Development Sector

Introduction In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, its potential to drive positive change and address societal challenges is becoming increasingly evident. The development sector, traditionally reliant on manual processes and analog methods, is now experiencing a transformative shift as innovative technologies are harnessed for social impact. This blog explores the profound influence of technology […]


11 May

Social Justice & Equity – NPO’s Role In Creating More Equitable Society

India faces several social, economic, and environmental difficulties. To solve these concerns, Non-Governmental organization (NGOs) have become essential stakeholders. Non-profit groups known as NGOs are active in India and aim to address a range of social, economic, and environmental challenges. These groups are essential in building a society that is more just and equal. Human […]


10 May

Skill Development Initiative By SSF: A Ray of Hope

Introduction India has one of the world’s largest skill development programs. It launched the Skill India program in 2015, which seeks to increase the availability of skilled workers in India by providing training and resources for youth who are looking to develop new skills. The program focuses on skills in areas such as technology, healthcare, […]


11 Apr

Culture Diversity in the Workplace | Inclusive work environment

WHAT IS AN Culture Diversity in the Workplace? An inclusive and diverse culture is a team composed of individuals from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This type of workforce promotes equality, respect, and understanding among employees and creates a positive work environment. Companies with a diverse and inclusive workplace are also more likely to attract […]


24 Feb

Sustainable living : tips & ideas | Satya Shakti Foundation

What does sustainable living mean? Among the most urgent global issues are water scarcity, hunger in the world, air pollution, climate change, and air pollution. Unfortunately, the majority of us do not live sustainably, which is the root of the problem. We live at the expense of the environment and less developed nations by using […]


24 Feb


Women’s health and well-being Reproductive rights are necessary for every woman to enjoy their human rights. The legal right to contraception, abortion, fertility treatment, reproductive health, and access to information about one’s reproductive body are all examples of reproductive rights. The ability to choose whether and when to have children is important to women’s socioeconomic […]


7 Feb

Why new Entrepreneurs choose Health!

Why new Entrepreneurs choose Health! After the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry grew quickly as a value of heightened public awareness of the value of preservative one’s health and receiving vaccines. It is anticipated to become one of the most fascinating. Lucrative sectors because of the continuous epidemic and growing public awareness of health concerns. […]


25 Jan

Health Is Wealth: 22 Healthy Lifestyles

Do you know the best proverb for health? If you do not know, here is the proverb for you. It is nothing but “Health is Wealth”. This proverb is not a simple one, but it has more meaning in it. For a person, it is not vital to have more wealth, and health is their […]